Oso Politico, alias ‘Gringo Loco’, is a professional ex-patriot who has lived almost his entire adult life outside of the Exceptional Country. He currently resides in a small town in Colombia, but lived for a number of years in Costa Rica, where he participated in the political scene with the Movimiento Libertario. That experience taught him how seeking political power corrupts even the most principled of men (or women).

In addition to Latin America, Oso Politico lived and worked a number of years in that vast sandbox known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and previous to that, had lived and worked in what was then West Germany.

He considers himself to be a Sovereign Individual. And, as a ship can have but one captain, an individual can recognize but one sovereign. While most chose to be, to some degree, slaves, serfs or servants of the State, Oso Politico has declared himself to be his own captain, and sail his own course.

And while there are certainly many utilitarian (i.e., economic) arguments for libertarian positions, Oso Politico prefers to make his stand on moral principles. He promises me that he will make a posting explaining the simple moral principles required in order for us all to live peacefully in a voluntary civil society.

And one last point: Even before we can think about a civil society, Oso Politico says that the present martial society of the Indispensible Nation must be eliminated. As even most dummies can figure out: While there is War, there can be no Peace.



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